Digital Asset Custody Company
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Institutional CUSTODY


Compliant, institutional custody solutions with security, flexibility and service at the core.

DACC was built from the ground up to custody digital assets on behalf of institutional clients. Our management is an interdisciplinary team of highly accomplished founders with backgrounds in technology, finance, prime brokerage, regulatory compliance, national security and fintech.

With its proprietary technology, DACC is able to custody a wide range of cryptocurrencies, rapidly and securely egress digital assets out of air-gapped cold storage, and provide clients with 24/7 physical and digital security to safeguard their assets.

 With thousands of hours of R&D designed for the most sophisticated clientele, DACC's goal is to lead product innovation with our client-centric, solutions-based philosophy.


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if you hold digital assets DACC can help

  • Registered Investment Advisors

  • Crypto-specific Hedge Fund Managers

  • Traditional Hedge Fund managers

  • Traditional Asset Managers

  • Token Issuers

  • Crypto Exchanges

  • OTC Crypto Brokers

  • Venture Capital

  • Private Equity
  • Government Agencies
  • Philanthropic Organizations
  • Other Institutional Clients

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