Digital Asset Custody Company

purpose built technology & service


technology innovation

Our Enclave™ wallet software was designed at the outset for the rigors of institutional cold-storage custody. That’s what allows DACC to offer industry-leading token support while retaining industry-leading security.

Enclave™ wallet features: 

  • Designed for multi-currency from the ground up
  • Support for 90+ digital assets and 10 blockchains 
  • Modular architecture allows for rapid addition of new blockchains without sacrificing our security imperative 
  • Segregated asset storage for all client assets 
  • Proprietary off-chain multi-sig technology reduces attack surface compared to on-chain multi-sig 

Institutional White-glove client service

DACC operations personnel come from the world of finance and have spent years developing technology and process solutions to support the needs of financial institutions and investors.

You can expect: 

  • Professional coverage team available via encrypted email, Telegram, Skype, and direct phone

  • 12 hours a day, 7 days a week operations 

  • Institutional level financial reporting 

  • Fastest egress from cold storage in the industry 

  • Digital asset insurance available 

  • Custom security protocols that fit your organizations' needs 

  • DACC operations audited by multiple 3rd parties